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A Woori Bank employee in South Korea has been charged with embezzlement after admitting to stealing company funds to buy cryptocurrency. The employee, in his 30s, confessed to stealing $7.3 million worth of the bank's funds, which he mostly spent on crypto investments.
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North America
BlackRock's tokenized fund, BUIDL, has surpassed $500 million in market value. It has become the largest blockchain-based tokenized fund, surpassing Franklin Templeton's FOBXX fund. BUIDL is backed by U.S. Treasurys and was launched on the Ethereum network in March.
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DigitalX secures approval for its spot Bitcoin ETF on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). This marks a significant milestone for DigitalX and Australia's digital asset market. VanEck launched its own spot Bitcoin ETF on the ASX just three weeks prior.
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Quidax offers customised crypto OTC solutions for businesses in Africa. The African gaming market is projected to reach $3.72bn by 2029. Quidax facilitates seamless cross-border payments with crypto. Quidax's OTC Desk allows for safe and secure trading of high volumes.
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German government has significantly increased Bitcoin sales since June, recently selling around $900 million worth of Bitcoin. Interestingly, they have also reacquired a portion of Bitcoin amidst these massive sales.
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TON Blockchain is launching a new Layer2 solution powered by Polygon's technology. The move aims to improve scalability and efficiency of transactions on the TON Blockchain network. By leveraging Polygon's solutions, TON Blockchain aims to deliver faster and more cost-effective transactions.
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Latin America
Agrotoken and Tanssi are collaborating to develop an agro-finance solution using Polkadot technology for the South American market. Agrotoken will use Tanssi's appchain technology to develop a blockchain-based solution for collateralizing loans with tokenized grains.
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