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Japanese firm, Metaplanet Inc., has bolstered its Bitcoin holdings by purchasing 42 BTC for $2.5 million, averaging $58,534.36 per BTC. This move marks the second Bitcoin purchase this month, totaling 203 Bitcoins acquired for $12.7 million.
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North America
A report from CNBC suggests that approval for spot ether ETF filings with the SEC could be imminent within the week. Ethereum's price, having bounced off April lows, is currently stable. The potential approval of these ETFs is significant for the cryptocurrency market.
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The cryptocurrency exchange Bybit is increasing its support for projects emerging on The Open Network (TON) by listing the record-breaking Hamster Kombat game’s token for pre-market trading. Bybit officially announced on July 8 that the Hamster Kombat (HMSTR) token was listed on Bybit’s OTC platform.
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German government rapidly offloaded over 16,000 BTC in a day, reducing holdings to 23,787 BTC, valued at $1.35B from seized Movie2k bitcoins. On-chain data revealed sizable transfers to exchanges causing BTC price drop from $57k to $56k. With the biggest daily dump, a series of transactions totaling $463M transpired.
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Latin America
In El Salvador, President Nayib Bukele demands importers and wholesalers reduce prices, warning of consequences if not heeded, citing tripled prices affecting citizens. Bukele, a proponent of Bitcoin adoption, vows action akin to measures against gangs.
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The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) in Nigeria plans to introduce a native blockchain named "Nigerium" to bolster national security and protect data. The move aims to counter the influence of foreign developers on blockchain technology.
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VanEck's VBTC entry into Australia brings the first spot Bitcoin ETF on ASX, hinting at a crypto surge. Bitget CEO Gracy Chen emphasizes how ETFs simplify crypto investment by removing complexity and enhancing market liquidity. Security concerns are eased through regulated products.
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