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Solana's impact on Africa's crypto market discussed by Flincap's CMO, highlighting industry growth and maturation. Emphasizes community strength driving tech adoption. Challenges incl. Binance regulatory issues overcome, pointing to industry resilience.
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Taiwan's central bank has no set timeline for deploying a digital currency, emphasizing the intricate nature of the endeavor. A pilot program is underway to enable digital transactions without traditional banking methods.
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The German government's surprising 1,915 Bitcoin buyback worth $111.5M has reversed significant market sell-offs, with ongoing transfers totaling 40,526 BTC valued at $2.29B. This move sparked Bitcoin price drops to $53,700, leading to varied market reactions and investor speculations on government actions.
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North America
Canadian regulator found Liquitrade's Latoken platform operated illegally, trading derivatives instead of crypto assets. BCSC panel revealed Liquitrade ran an unauthorized exchange, leading to possible sanctions like fines or bans.
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Latin America
Bitfinex Securities will refund Hilton hotel venture investors failing to meet $500,000 funding goal by $158,000 for El Salvador project. Nation granted Bitfinex license, boosting crypto innovation. Venture aimed at unique hotel in El Salvador missed $6.25M target, offering amenities & investor perks.
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Novak Djokovic triumphed against Alexei Popyrin at Wimbledon, rallying from a set down to win 4-6, 6-3, 6-4, 7-6(3). Djokovic showcased tactical prowess post a slow start, attributing his success to focus and mental strength. In pursuit of his 25th Grand Slam title, Djokovic now faces Holger Rune.
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Bitcoin mining difficulty drops by 5% to 79.5T, biggest drop since May. Reports from Hashrate Index and Coinwarz reveal insights on ASICs efficiency, hashprice reduction, and Bitcoin production costs amid market challenges. Large miners poised to benefit.
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True strength lies in the ability to be yourself, even when it's difficult.
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