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Kenyan authorities have ceased their probe into Worldcoin over unauthorized personal data collection, enabling the resumption of the cryptocurrency's operations. The project, launched by Tools for Humanity and OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, uses iris scans for IDs.
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The German government moved $438M in Bitcoin to exchanges from seized assets, causing market concerns. Since seizing 50,000 BTC from Movie2k.to, 6,500 BTC were transferred, totaling $3.16B in the portfolio. This signals a potential sell-off affecting Bitcoin's market.
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India's FIU penalized Binance $2.2M for non-compliance with anti-money laundering rules, sparking industry applause. Digital asset exchanges face strict enforcement; KuCoin registered post paying $41K while OKX exited India.
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Latin America
Argentinian President Javier Milei champions Bitcoin to address economic woes, promoting financial empowerment. He garners support from key influencers like Elon Musk and El Salvador's President Bukele. El Salvador's Bitcoin experience reveals challenges in mass adoption.
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Australia's first Bitcoin ETF debuted on the country's primary stock exchange with a $1.3 million volume, contrasting the substantial debut volumes of US-based Bitcoin ETFs. VanEck, the ETF's creator, remains bullish about its growth within the Australian market.
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Toncoin (TON) is challenging Bitcoin in transaction volume, with a 5.3% price increase to $7.24. Boasting $5-10 billion in transfers, TON captures 10% of Bitcoin's volume. Surging to 32 million holders, TON's market cap now stands at $17.7 billion, surpassing Cardano.
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North America
MicroStrategy, led by Michael Saylor, recently acquired 11,931 BTC worth $786M, disclosed to the SEC in an 8-K submission. Financed through notes, this purchase boosts their total Bitcoin holdings to 226,331 BTC, valued at $14.68B with unrealized profits of $6.35B.
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If you have been driving in first gear all this time and then discovered the existence of five gears, you should confidently shift to the next gear.
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