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TON Blockchain has launched TapSwap, a Tap-2-Earn Telegram app, revolutionizing digital earning. Integrating with the TON Blockchain, boasting 50M+ users, TapSwap offers rewards for completing tasks. TON's growth is bolstered by successful Telegram games like Notcoin.
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North America
TikTok is introducing AI-powered digital avatars for ads, dubbed over by brands to promote products in multiple languages. These avatars are created from licensed video footage, with AI-generated voice and accent options to read scripts. Support for ten languages is available.
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National Australia Bank (NAB) halts ETH-based stablecoin AUDN; team pivots to Ubiquity. ANZ Bank joins on stablecoin A$DC. Regulating stablecoins in Australia impacts innovation. Ubiquity backed by real assets gains momentum. Challenges include evolving regulations and market competition.
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Latin America
El Salvador proposes a progressive banking law reform to introduce Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies into the country's investment banking sector, targeting affluent investors. This initiative paves the way for Private Investment Banks accepting stablecoins and crypto-based investments, subject to stringent regulations.
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Japanese investment firm, Metaplanet, acquires $1.4 million worth of Bitcoin, totaling $9.4 million, citing economic conditions in Japan. Despite a recent price drop to $66,747 from $69,549, technical analysis hints at a bullish trend with a potential year-end value of $80,000.
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Tanzania plans to amend its Income Tax Act to impose a 3% withholding tax on income from crypto trades. The move targets digital asset transactions, with platform owners serving as withholding agents. Foreign operators must register under Tanzania’s Simplified Tax Regime, aiming to generate $178,600 in revenue.
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Bitcoin's volatility has been declining, indicating a more mature market. Last week, BTC experienced a small dip in price, with selling activity surpassing buying. BTC's historical volatility has remained below 50% since the beginning of 2023, contrasting with the significant fluctuations of 2022.
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