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Latin America
El Salvador plans to integrate Bitcoin into its banking system. Proposed reform aims to promote economic growth and financial system competitiveness. Government submits proposal to create a private investment bank that can operate in Bitcoin and US dollar.
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Terraform Labs and co-founder Do Kwon have been ordered to pay $4.5 billion to the SEC after being found guilty of crypto fraud. The fraud involved deceitful practices that resulted in significant losses for investors. The jury trial in April exposed the extent of Terraform and Kwon's lies.
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South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has been reelected for a second term. His party formed a coalition with a former political foe just hours before the vote. Ramaphosa won convincingly in Parliament against surprise candidate Julius Malema.
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Cosying up to the EU would harm Britain more than benefit it. Opposition parties are calling for re-engagement with the EU. The Greens want the UK back in the EU and free movement of people. The Lib Dems are also long-term rejoiners, advocating for single market re-entry and EU trade regulations.
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Notcoin's airdrop claim for players is ending on June 16. Crypto-fueled games on Telegram are gaining popularity. Notcoin's token launch earlier this year was a huge success. The game's next moves are being planned as the token claim ends. NOT token became the biggest gaming token debut of 2024.
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North America
Former President Donald Trump promises to end President Joe Biden's "war on crypto" in his 2024 campaign. Trump now positions himself as a champion of Bitcoin and advocates for the future of cryptocurrency to be "made in America." He plans to support Bitcoin.
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Chinese Premier Li Qiang is visiting New Zealand, Australia, and Malaysia from June 11 to June 20. China and Australia have complementary economic structures and are important countries in the Asia-Pacific region. The visit highlights the importance of fostering stronger ties between the two nations.
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Phrase of the day #487
Never build expectations. Then every event will be just an event, not a collapse of hopes.
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