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A recent study indicates a rising preference for crypto over real estate among New Zealanders, driven by dissatisfaction with traditional financial systems. The survey highlights accessibility as a key factor, with more individuals viewing crypto as a viable investment option.
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The UK's foray into crypto Exchange-Traded Notes (ETNs) via the London Stock Exchange lags significantly behind the US, garnering a mere $500,000 in trading volume since launch on May 28. Professional investor limitations, non-retail availability, and strict criteria hinder UK market appeal.
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India is leveraging AI to tackle climate change risks, aiming to bolster economic growth and enhance climate modeling. The Department of Science and Technology is spearheading missions to support research and development programs.
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North America
Microsoft's AI outsourcing to OpenAI could empower Google. With Google focusing on proprietary R&D like transformers for AI advancements, concerns arise regarding Microsoft's reliance on OpenAI, sparking debates about strategic positioning in the AI market.
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Latin America
Paraguay boosts economic growth by selling surplus hydro-energy to Bitcoin miners, attracting foreign investments with low-cost energy. The move balances growth with regulatory oversight to curb illicit activities. Paraguay transforms excess energy into prosperity, aiming to be a crypto-mining hub.
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Telegram’s TON Coin has soared to its yearly peak, correlated with the app’s expanding daily active user base. Valued at $7.54 before a 7% decline post-Bitcoin drop, cautious speculation lingers due to concentrated wallet distribution risks.
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Despite Nigerian authorities cracking down on crypto exchanges, interest in digital assets like BTC and meme coins such as dogecoin remains strong across the nation. Different regions show varied preferences, with dogecoin dominating northern states and BTC favored in financially savvy places like Delta State.
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We are the whole ocean.
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