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YURO memecoin skyrockets 4.17x in 3 days due to EURO2024 excitement, outshining other themed tokens with market cap reaching $6.5M. The surge in interest reflects the dynamic impact of EURO2024 on the crypto market, emphasizing both opportunities and risks for investors.
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The African Development Bank (AfDB) and Intel are partnering to equip three million Africans and 30,000 government officials with advanced artificial intelligence skills. This partnership aims to increase economic growth and productivity in Africa.
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The bankruptcy report of FTX cryptocurrency exchange reveals a $13 million loan to Australian influencer, Alex Saunders, contradicting his claims of fundraising. Saunders allegedly misused funds and hasn't repaid. FTX loan aimed to prevent litigation due to his debts.
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Latin America
Ricardo Salinas Pliego, one of the wealthiest billionaires in Mexico, has urged his followers to purchase Bitcoin as a hedge against the devaluation of fiat currencies. Salinas recommended purchasing BTC in response to a social media post reporting on the fall of the value of the Nigerian naira under a satoshi.
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North America
An unknown whale investor's massive purchase of 231.6 billion PEPE tokens from a major US exchange for $2.9 million signals a potential bullish trend for the meme-inspired cryptocurrency. This acquisition adds to the whale's existing holdings of 750.34 billion PEPE, totaling $8.34 million since March.
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Alipay, China's leading payment app, surprises with a new AI feature that detects baldness by utilizing image recognition technology. This innovative addition expands Alipay's services, already packed with ride-sharing, bill payments, and more.
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Bitcoin withdrawals from exchanges totaling $1.57B hint at a bullish market shift, with 300K BTC moved to secure storage. Price dips below $70K affected by U.S. job data and GameStop shares. BlackRock's 300K BTC holdings in 5 months reflect rising institutional interest.
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Time is the most valuable currency we possess; spend it wisely, for once it's gone, it can never be reclaimed.
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