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The European AML package aims to combat money laundering in the crypto industry. Recent cases, like KuCoin and Bitcoin Fog, underscore the need for stricter regulations. The package includes MiCAR, AMLR, and AMLA, extending obligations to Crypto-Asset Service Providers (CASPs).
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Fiji's Ministry of Environment and Climate Change launched a clean-up campaign for World Oceans Day to stress the urgency of ocean protection amidst climate change. The island nation's commitment to conservation and climate resilience includes building biodiversity parks (BioParks) through community collaboration.
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South Korean investors suffer as 70% of Bitcoin exchanges fail to return funds, revealing regulatory gaps. Cryptocurrency market instability exposes risks and challenges unique to South Korea's crypto scene. Regulatory actions target exchange CEOs to safeguard investor interests amidst scams.
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Fintech expert Wale Fakorede advocates for Nigeria to leverage cryptocurrencies for economic growth. He urges government regulatory enhancements for all financial systems. Highlighting the potential of crypto, he suggests that Nigeria can achieve sustainable prosperity by embracing innovative financial technologies.
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Cardano Foundation partnered with Entre Ríos Province in Argentina to boost blockchain adoption, potentially affecting ADA's value. Predictions by ChatGPT-4o indicate ADA could hit $1 with moderate growth, $2 optimistically, or $5 in a bullish scenario.
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North America
Bakkt, a crypto marketplace, saw its shares surge by 30% amid reports of a potential sale. The New York stock exchange-listed firm is assessing strategic options that might include a sale or other outcomes. The company, valued at $255 million, remains undecided on its future path.
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Latin America
El Salvador retains its unique Bitcoin legal tender status despite price fluctuations. Paraguayan bill proposes regulating Bitcoin mining. Bitcoin Embassy Bar in Mexico closes. Cardano allies with Entre Rios to boost blockchain tech. Latin America emerges as a significant player in the global crypto market.
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The quiet words of the wise are more powerful than the shouts of a ruler of the unwise.
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