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TapSwap, a popular cryptocurrency platform, is experiencing a malfunction. The platform is currently undergoing maintenance and is inaccessible due to excessive traffic. Users have shared screenshots of notifications explaining the cause of the breakdown. Tapswap server breaks down due to overcrowding from Nigeria.
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Trump expresses support for cryptocurrency and wants the US to be a leader in the field. He became the first major presidential candidate to accept crypto donations. Trump criticizes Joe Biden for wanting crypto to "die a slow and painful death".
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Telegram now offers integrated crypto services with Toncoin support. Telegram and Signal continue their ongoing privacy and security debate. TON Coin has dropped to $6.39 but maintains a $6.12 support level. Signal's founder claims Telegram's encryption should not be taken seriously.
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Latin America
Minister of Tourism, Edmund Bartlett, believes that implementing a multi-destination framework will lead to more tourism opportunities in the Caribbean. Bartlett suggests that a multi-destination arrangement would allow visitors to book one trip and visit multiple Caribbean destinations.
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North America
Bitcoin's price surpasses $70,000, indicating increased investor confidence and mainstream adoption. Institutional investors, like MicroStrategy and Tesla, contribute to Bitcoin's surge with substantial investments. Ethereum's upcoming upgrade, Ethereum 2.0, aims to address scalability and high transaction fees.
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Craig Steven Wright, the chief science officer of nChain, claims to be the mysterious creator of bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. Wright's authority at nChain was unquestioned, with employees treating him like a "god of everything." He has gone to great lengths to prove his claim.
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Turkish Parliament to discuss cryptocurrency regulation this week. Proposed legislation aims to establish legal framework for cryptocurrencies. Crypto exchanges will require license from Capital Markets Board for operation.
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