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The SEC's approval of eight spot Ethereum ETF reflects a significant regulatory shift in the adoption of cryptocurrencies. This approval signifies a change in the regulatory environment. The approval aligns with the passage of the FIT Act, which establishes a regulatory framework for digital assets.
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Montenegro's Appellate Court has halted the extradition of Do Kwon. Do Kwon is the founder of Terraform Labs Pte. His lawyers appealed the High Court's decision to extradite him. The extradition would have transferred him to either the US or South Korea.
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OKX has withdrawn its VASP license application from Hong Kong. By May 31, OKX will halt its centralized crypto exchange services. Users' funds remain safe, but deposits made after May 31 may not be automatically credited. Withdrawals will be available for Hong Kong residents until August 31.
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North America
The US House of Representatives passed the FIT21 cryptocurrency market bill with bipartisan support. This marks a major milestone for the crypto, blockchain, and Web3 sectors. The bill aims to change the rules for digital assets in the US, boosting innovation while ensuring consumer safety.
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Latin America
The University of the West Indies Five Islands Campus in Antigua and Barbuda will host the first ever Artificial Intelligence Conference in the Caribbean from July 8-10. The conference aims to bring together experts, researchers, and enthusiasts from around the world to explore the relevance of AI.
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Nigeria is set to receive £2.1m in looted funds from the Bailiwick of Jersey. The funds will be used for the continuation of works on the Abuja-Kano Road project. The funds are part of the international asset recovery and management efforts of the Nigerian Ministry of Justice.
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$150 million lottery prize won by a middle-aged man in Adelaide, Australia. Winner describes feeling like they're still dreaming and can't believe their luck. Powerball jackpot was the largest individual lottery prize in Australia. Winner held the sole division-one winning ticket.
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