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Notcoin, a viral Web3 clicker game, is now live on the TON Blockchain. Over 80 billion NOT tokens are being airdropped as the game opens for trading. Miners will receive over 90% of the airdropped tokens. The remaining 7.9 billion NOT tokens can be redeemed from NFT vouchers.
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Indonesian blockchain company, Kita Foundation, launches groundbreaking Social-Fi platform. Aims to revolutionize social networking by bridging Web 2 and Web 3. Already has over 15,000 monthly active users. Seamlessly integrates blockchain technology into social networking dynamics.
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BNB Chain and University of Zurich collaborate on blockchain education program. BNB Chain sponsors "Deep Dive into Blockchain Summer School". Students from around the world can participate in the program. Program aims to equip students with blockchain skills.
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North America
Subsquid, a Web3 data access layer, has raised $17.5 million in funding. The company has partnered with Google ahead of its token launch. The funding will be used to develop Subsquid's data indexing technology. Subsquid's integration with Google BigQuery is a significant milestone.
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Coinbase plans to target Australia's $600 billion pension sector with a cryptocurrency solution. The incorporation of cryptocurrencies in Australian self-managed super funds has been increasing since 2019. Around 1 billion Australian dollars have been invested in cryptocurrencies within these funds.
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Höegh LNG, AIE, and EGAS have partnered to deploy the FSRU Hoegh Galleon in Egypt. The aim is to support energy security in Egypt. The FSRU will be located in Ain Sokhna, Egypt for 19-20 months before being deployed to AIE's LNG terminal in Australia.
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Latin America
Chinese EV makers are shifting their focus to Mexico and Brazil due to impending U.S. tariffs. Brazil has reinstated tariffs on electric vehicles, with taxes set to rise to 35% by July 2026. BYD, a Chinese EV manufacturer, saw its exports to Brazil increase by over 150% in Q1 2024.
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If love lives inside, there will be light outside.
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