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The Entangle protocol has set out on a mission to reshape the architecture of decentralized financial technologies. Its ambitious goal to link liquidity across different chains in the crypto ecosystem is now becoming a reality with the launch of its mainnet.
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Latin America
Bitso Launches Web3 Digital Wallet Across Latin America. New wallet supports multiple networks, enhancing user interaction with blockchain technology. The wallet will support five major networks: Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Base, and Optimism.
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China, India, and Southeast Asia have a 30 per cent higher share of gen AI users than Japan, Taiwan (China), Singapore, South Korea and Australia. Using generative AI saved each user almost a day per week and freed up time to learn new skills, the study found.
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Kenya has been consulting with bitcoin mining company Marathon Digital Holdings to hear its thoughts on energy and its crypto regime. The African nation depends on renewable energy, which is seasonal and capital-intensive.
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Statistics show that over 4.6 million Australians own cryptocurrency, with Bitcoin taking the lead. Not only that, but the country also has a high crypto adoption rate, which is the third-highest in the world.
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Individuals and businesses across Europe will be able to access its Claude chatbot through the web and via an iOS mobile app. Anthropic made security and privacy a key focus of its announcement to bring Claude to European countries.
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North America
US on Monday issued an order blocking a Chinese-backed cryptocurrency mining firm from owning land near a Wyoming nuclear missile base. The order forces the divestment of property operated as a crypto mining facility near Francis E. Warren Air Force Base.
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