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Telegram now allows users to purchase in-platform advertisements with Toncoin. This is part of the messaging app's user monetization update. Users can promote their channels by paying a small amount of Toncoins. Channel owners can withdraw their rewards without fees.
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Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin proposes "Degen Communism" as the correct political ideology for the chaotic cryptocurrency space. Buterin suggests prioritizing smaller users for refunds in project failures or hacks to protect them from bearing the brunt of losses.
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Conflux Network is partnering with the Chinese government to build a large-scale public blockchain infrastructure. The project is part of the Belt and Road initiative, aiming to connect China with other countries through infrastructure projects.
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Latin America
Brazil's stock exchange, B3, will offer bitcoin futures contracts, providing investors with diversification options in the cryptocurrency market. Worldcoin, a biometric data acquisition company, has won a legal victory in Chile, allowing it to continue operating in the country.
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Australia's crypto industry is poised for a surge in demand as long as lawmakers make the right decisions. The influx of capital into spot Bitcoin ETFs, stablecoin adoption, and BlackRock's tokenization fund are positive indicators for the industry.
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Nigerian authorities have charged Binance and two senior executives with money laundering. An international arrest warrant has been issued for one of the executives who escaped. The charges against Binance and its executives stem from allegations of manipulating the naira and processing unknown funds.
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North America
The U.S. has indicted KuCoin, a global cryptocurrency exchange, and its founders for Bank Secrecy Act and unlicensed money transmission offenses. KuCoin is accused of failing to implement an anti-money laundering program and facilitating the laundering of over $5.39 billion.
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Study philosophy, it improves life.
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