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Solana Foundation discusses filtering offensive meme coins at BUIDL Asia Summit. Proposal involves implementing blocklists to filter out banned words without stopping tokens. Solana promotes that applications, specifically wallets, decide what content they display.
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AI integration on the battlefield is accelerating in Ukraine's conflict with Russia, sparking an arms race in autonomous weapon systems. Drones are playing a crucial role in modern combat, disrupting traditional tactics and outdated military theories.
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Latin America
El Salvador buys $300M worth of Bitcoin, bringing total holdings to over $400M. El Salvador solidifies its position as a global leader in Bitcoin integration. President Bukele implements a multi-pronged strategy for a "circular Bitcoin economy." Transparency is a key aspect of El Salvador's Bitcoin strategy.
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Thai Airways has resumed its daily non-stop service between Bangkok and Perth, Australia. The service will provide increased air connectivity for both business and leisure travellers. The service is expected to add over 183,000 seats and 14,000 tonnes of cargo capacity annually to the Perth market.
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Blockchain technology is becoming increasingly important in the global economic model, with the introduction of Bitcoin ETF and CBDCs. Blockchain-based ecosystems are driving changes in cross-border trade and unbanked situations between the MENA and Sub-Saharan regions.
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Bitcoin now has access to an $84 trillion market with the approval of BTC spot market ETFs. BTC is witnessing a dramatic increase in adoption with the launch of these ETFs. ETF salesmen will have no problem selling Bitcoin to participants of the $84 trillion market due to the US government's accumulated debt.
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North America
Merkle Manufactory, a decentralized social media company co-founded by former Coinbase executives, is set to achieve unicorn valuation. Crypto investment firm Paradigm is leading the current funding round for Merkle Manufactory. The Farcaster protocol has gained traction in the decentralized social media space.
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Be an innovator not an imitator.
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