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North America
CoinShares, a digital asset investment company, has secured the option to acquire Valkyrie Investments' exchange-traded fund (ETF). If the deal is finalized, Valkyrie will become part of the CoinShares family, but will remain an independent entity until then.
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Singapore has approved blockchain firm Paxos to issue a US dollar-pegged stablecoin, signaling a significant shift in its cryptocurrency strategy. This move comes after the collapse of major crypto projects in Singapore. Singapore positions itself at the forefront of cryptocurrency innovation.
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The United States Consul General in Nigeria, Will Stevens, revealed that 80% of Nigerian startups are incorporated in the U.S. He also stated that up to 60% of African startups are incorporated in the U.S., leading to increased venture capital investments in the continent's startups.
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Latin America
Colossus Resources has agreed to acquire the Calvario and Mirador copper projects in Chile from Austral Gold. As part of the deal, Colossus will commit $2.5 million over two years and issue shares equivalent to a 19.99% stake in Colossus. Colossus will issue one million warrants.
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German lawmaker Joana Cotar opposes the digital euro due to concerns about surveillance, privacy infringement, and centralized control. She argues that the digital euro could lead to extensive monitoring and draw parallels with the Chinese social credit system.
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Neon EVM, an Ethereum-based smart contract layer on Solana, is working on a feature that will allow users to pay transaction fees with tokens other than its native token, NEON. The feature is currently live on testnet and is expected to go live on Neon EVM's devnet in the coming weeks.
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Australia-based BNPL provider Afterpay has partnered with ecommerce tech company Rokt to offer shoppers more relevant ecommerce experiences. The collaboration allows Afterpay to offer highly relevant offers at checkout, enhancing the shopping experience and driving new revenue.
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