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The Bucharest Stock Exchange and the Romanian Association for Investor Relations have launched the first NFT on the Romanian capital market in the form of digital art. The NFT, created to celebrate five years since ARIR was founded, features an illustration of a robot representing BVB.
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Latin America
SUSI Partners is expanding its partnership with Chilean clean energy developer BIWO to build two large-scale hybrid solar PV and battery storage projects in Chile. The projects, will have a combined generation capacity of 232MWp and a battery storage capacity of up to 900MWh.
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The British & Irish Lions have reached an agreement with England's Premiership Rugby and the United Rugby Championship for the 2025 tour to Australia. The deal ensures that players from the two leagues will be available for all pre-tour activities, marketing, and promotional activities.
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South Korea's National Pension Service (NPS) has reported a 40% profit in Q3 2023 on its $20 million investment in Coinbase shares. Following the investment, Coinbase's stock price surged by 6.58% in a single day, and the company reported a 14.2% year-on-year increase in revenue.
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The International Monetary Fund has agreed to provide Kenya with a $938 mln loan to help the country deal with its economic difficulties. This includes immediate access to $682.3 mln and an additional $938 mln. Kenya is facing liquidity challenges, with a $2 bln Eurobond due in 2024.
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North America
Vacation rental company Airbnb has acquired artificial intelligence (AI) startup Gameplanner.AI for $200 million. Gameplanner.AI, founded by Adam Cheyer, co-founder of Siri, specializes in AI, design, and community. The acquisition highlights Airbnb's commitment to technological innovation.
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The native token of the Kaspa blockchain, $KAS, has seen a significant increase in value in 2023, with a growth of over 2500%. Kaspa positions itself as the fastest and most scalable Layer-1, utilizing the GhostDAG/PHANTOM protocol to address the blockchain trilemma of security, scalability.
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